"Princess Galitzin" by Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun

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Princess Galitzin (c. 1797)
Copyright held by the Baltimore Museum of Art, Mary Frick Jacobs Collection

Thanks to Kevin J. Kelly for the color version of this painting.

Like that of Countess Skavronsky, this outfit shows oriental influences upon clothing, particularly in the wrapper-style overdress and turban headress. This is clearly a more elaborate dress that the one the Countess is painted in, probably a afternoon dress or evening dress. The outfit consists of a simple white muslin dress covered by wrapper-style red dress cut low. A maroon or rust long narrow scarf and a long, narrow transparent net scarf are draped around the subject's neck. These are modelled after Greco-Roman costumes. The headdress is made of rolls of fabric called "rouleaux" and at least two kinds of exotic plumes.

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