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La Belle Assemblée, May 1813

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La Belle Assemblée (1813)

May Vol. 7, No. 45 (1813)



JUNE, 1813



Short dress of jacconet muslin, made rather scantier in the skirt than they have been worn, andcut down as much as possible all round the bosom and back of the neck. The body is full, but drawnin at the top of the back, which is ornamented with a white silk button, and confined to the waist bya girdle of rich white figured ribband; a jacket of the same materials as the gown, fastened to thewaist by a white silk button, completes this truly elegant dress, which is unequalled for tastefulsimplicity. Over this our fair pedestrians throw a sky-blue scarf. Bonnet of white-willow shavings,ornamented with a flower and wreath of sky-blue, and tied under the chin with a ribband tocorrespond. Hair dressed in very loose curls on each side of the temple and divided very much infront. Gloves and sandals of sky-blue kid. Necklace and earrings of white cornelian. Johnstonparasol. This elegant appendage to the walking costume, is also of sky-blue silk, and finished witha rich and deep fringe; it has very recently made its appearance, and is already a general favorite.

No. 2. --BALL DRESS.

Frock of straw-colour crape, over a white sarsnet petticoat; it is made a walking length, openbehind and trimmed round with white silk fancy twist.


[from page 197] The fickle diety who presides over the toilet, could never, perhaps, with somuch propriety as at present, be styled a Proteus; and never did she assume so great a variety ofagreeable shapes: no longer now, as formerly, loaded with expensive decorations, which tended todisquise rather than embellish their charms, our modern belles have found the secret ofuniting taste, simplicity, and elegance, in their habiliments; and British beauty may be said, ingeneral, to be robed by the hands of the Graces.

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