Le Beau Monde, and Monthly Register, 1806-1810

Volume 2 (ns), No. 8 November 1809

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Vol. 2 (ns), No. 8

This issue contains a plate depicting "A Lady of Hindoostan" who is wearing a pair of pants (see above). There is a plate of "Evening Half Dress" which shows a lady seated with a young male child before her kneeling on a stool to pray. The subtitle is "What must I say, Mamma?"


Delineation of, and Remarks on, the present Style of Personal Decoration.
(pages 137-9)

[from page 138] Amidst the present articles of adornment, there are none which embrace more utility, elegance, and fancy, than the Spartan Robe, Calypso mantle, Alpine Coat, and Chinese Hat. Although there are divers other articles in this line, such as the simple plain Pelisse, Cottage Cloak, Cossack Coat, and Spanish Spencer, &c.; yet as these are not of such novel repute, nor of such elegance in themselves, we shall forbear a delineation, and confine our subject to a description of the first-mentioned; and to such remarks, as from their distinguishing particulars, come more immediately within the limits prescribed to this branch of our work.

The Spartan Robe is most tastefully adapted to the female of a commanding and dignified figue. It is formed of azure velvet, and flows loose, in the Turkish style, from the shoulders to the feet. It is ornamented with a most beautiful border of the snow-drop, composed of white velvet, traced, and blended with silver; and has a short Roman sleeve trimmed to correspond ....

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