Le Beau Monde, or Literary and Fashionable Magazine, 1806-1810

Volume 5, No. 31 For February, 1809

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Vol. 5, No. 31
(from pages 40-1)

[from page 41] We have the satisfaction of announcing considerable changes, as to men, in our system of fashionable adornment. Those who take the lead among our youth of fashion, intend, we understand, to adopt the syle of habiliment which, some years ago, characterized the English Gentlemen and which was also worn, pretty generally, in every part of Europe.--Blue, or brown, coats, with fancy wiastcoat and leather breeches, are expected to prevail among the higher classes of society: the latter accomodation will not be worn so loosely as when they were last a-la- mode among us. Gentlemen, in fine, will thus become, as they ought always to be, perfectly distinguishable, even by their dress, from the perambulating herd of clerks, and shopmen, and unliveried and unemployed lacqueys; as well as from ostlers, grooms, or pugilists. What a desirable revolution!

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