Le Beau Monde, or Literary and Fashionable Magazine, 1806-1810

Volume 3, No. 19 For March, 1808

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Vol. 3, No. 19
Fashions For March, 1809
(from page 183)

Fig. No. 2.--Opera Full Dress.--A simple white muslin gown, made with a short train, and enriched round the bottom with a superb border of ruby foil, made perfectly plain, with a sqaure back, and a loose front, gathered into a band of white satin; the shoulder straps are also of white satin, which continue round the back; the sleeves are made short to only cover the top of the shoulder, gathered into a band of white satin, with scarcely any fullness to correspond. The dress is worn over white satin; a rich India ruby mantle, edged with gold, is suspended over the left shoulder, and conceals the arm. The hair is dressed plain, with a ruby handkerchief, tastefully placed across the head. Cornelian necklace and ear-rings. Shoes to correspond with the mantle and head-dress.

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