Le Beau Monde, or Literary and Fashionable Magazine, 1806-1810

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Volume I, No. 6 April, 1807

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This number contained two plates: (1) "Portrait of His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent, from a Picture in the Possession of her Royal Highness the Princess Amelia"; and (2) "Four Beautifully coloured Morning and Evening Dresses for Ladies and Gentlemen." The contents include as headings: BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES OF ILLUSTRIOUS MEN; HISTORY, STATE OF SOCIETY AND MANNERS; ORIGINAL COMMUNICATIONS; REVIEW OF LITERATURE; POETRY, ORIGINAL AND SELECT; FINE ARTS; PUBLIC AMUSEMENTS FOR MARCH; RETROSPECT OF POLITICS FOR THE MONTH OF MARCH, 1807; MISCELLANIES; AND LE BEAU MONDE. Under each heading is listed the various articles or subheadings.


Text of Fashion Description [pages 353-4]

Fig. No. 1.--A CAPOTE A LA RUSSE, is composed of a mantle and head-dress in one, to cover the figure; it is made of sky blue velvet or silk, cut with gores, and made to the size of the throat without any fullness. The cap is made with a full roll on the right side, and worn so as to expose the ear; it is trimmed with grey squirrel or tyger fur fastened in the center of the cap, continues round the whole of the mantle, and fastened carelessly on the right shoulder, with a coronet or diadem of pearls. A short dress, walking length, of white muslin; blue kid gloves; white silk shoes, made high round the ancle.

Fig. No. 2.--IL BERRETTA ALLA SEMIRAMIDE full dress cap, with drapery of pain white patent net, trimmed round with silver silk fringe, and a silver tiara in front. [Semiramide was the role made famous by opera singer Angelica Catalani, an instant hit after her first London perfomance December 13, 1806.] A plain white crape dress, over a white satin train petticoat, richly embossed round the bottom with silver leaves; the train of the crape dress is tied in a careless knot on the right side, round which is entwined a wreath of silver roses. A French jacket of soft white satin, with a broad cape falling on the shoulders, also embossed with silver leaves to correspond with the remainder of the dress; Catalani sleeves of white satin and lace, inlet round the arm, down to the wrist; the jacket is made to fly open in front, to show the front of the neck, which is confined in a silver net, made hight, and worn over white satin; neck-lace, composed of brilliants or diamonds, with a diamond stud fastened in the cente of the bosom; ear-rings and bracelets of the same. White kid gloves; white satin shoes bound with silver and silver rosettes.

Fig. No. 3.--MORNING WALKING DRESS, A MANTELINE A LA CASTILLIANE; a short mantle of orange and purple velvet, made to fasten on the right shoulder, and, crossing the bosom, is confined with rich cords and tassels under the left arm; rounded gradually so the bottom of the right side is a regular point; a body of the same, with sleeves and high full collar; the back and skirt are cut in one, with only one arm hole; the whole trimmed entirely round with spotted leopard fur. [...] A train petticoat of clear India muslin, made full and quite plain, without any ornament of work whatever, is worn with this dress; white kid gloves, and shoes of the same colour as the mantle.

Fig. No. 4. --AN HALF-FULL DRESS FOR GENTLEMEN is composed of a light olive double breasted coat, buttoned close up, with covered buttons of the same cloth as the coat; yellow striped toilinette waistcoat; light brown Angola pantaloons, and half boots; the hair cropped a la Titus.

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