Le Beau Monde, or Literary and Fashionable Magazine, 1806-1810

Volume I, No. 10 August, 1807

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This number contained three embellishments: (1) "Portrait of His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge"; (2) "Four beautifully coloured Costumes for Ladies and Gentlemen"; and (3) "An Original Piece of Music; the Worlds by a Lady of Distinction, and the Music by Corri, the Author of the Travellers." The contents include as headings: BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES OF ILLUSTRIOUS MEN; HISTORY; ORIGINAL COMMUNICATIONS; REVIEW OF LITERATURE; ORIGINAL POETRY; FINE ARTS; PUBLIC AMUSEMENTS FOR JULY; RETROSPECT OF POLITICS FOR THE MONTH OF JULY, 1807; AND LE BEAU MONDE. Under each heading is listed the various articles or subheadings.

Le Beau Monde for August 1807
Volume I, Number 10, page 100
Fashions for August, 1807

Fig. No. 1.--Morning Walking Dress for Ladies is composed of a plain white cambric robe, with a short train, made high so as to wrap straight over the bosom to the left-side, and continues open to the bottom; the back of the dress i s cut square from the shoulders and is drawn in the waist to a narrow point; long full sleeves; the bottom of the robe is inlet with two rows of rich point lace, about half a quarter distance from each other; a small French cloack, composed of white silk floss net, lined throughout with lilach sarsnet; it is fulled into a narrow band of lilach sarsnet, laced square across the back, fastened on the left shoulder, and is brought over the right with a long strip of sarsnet and tassel, covered with net. A double diamond staw jockey bonnet, trimmed with a quilling of white lace over the right eye, and a small wreath of lilach roses across the front of the bonnet, tied with a lilach silk handkerchief.

Fig. No. No. [sic] 3.--An Evening Full Dress for Ladies.-- A Beautiful pink blossom Italian crape, body and train made with an apron front, which descends to the bend of the knee, trimmed with a broad Brussells lace, worn over a soft white satin slip, ornamented round the bottom with a magnificent border of hearts-ease, worked with pearls; white satin sleeves made plain and short, and worked at the edge with a small wreath of heats-ease to correspond with the dress: the back made very low and square, inlet in the middle with rich point lace; the bosom easily full, drawn very low down at each corner of the neck, with a crooked pearl slide to separate the bosom; a rich pink girdle with large full tassels, intermixed with pearls, fastens the waist, and reaches nearly to the extremity of the dress: the hair bound straight across the top of the head, combed smooth on the right side of the head, and lies flat on the face, in an irregular form; long ringlets from the left eye, and from behind the right ear; a rich tiara of pearls in front. Ear-rings and neck-lace of dead gold. Gloves and shoes of pale pink silk.

Fig. No. 4.--An Opera Full Dress.--An elegant dress of white spider gauze, superbly embroidered in rich bunches of silver acorns, worn over a white figured sarsnet petticoat; the dress and petticoat trimmed with a rich silver border; the back of the dress made frock fashion; the front to the form of the bosom; short puff sleeves gathered into a silver band to correspond with the dress; and a bunch of small full blown roses in buds, intermixed with jessamine, and fastened in the center of the bosom. The drapery wich confines the whole of the hair, is composed of pale blue and purple shot sarsnet, richly embroidered round the edge with a wreath of silver grapes and vine leaves. The drapery is suspended from the right side of the head, and reaches to the ancle with a rich tassel of blue and silver at the end: the drapery is fastened round the head with a handsome high scollopped band of silver, with a silver crest in front, similar to a tiara. White kid gloves, Shoes of pale blue sarsnet.

Morning Full Dress for Gentlemen.--An olive-green doubled breasted coat, white waistcoat and trowsers. The most fashionable Undresses for the Morning are composed of light or green mixtures; the latter is called the parsley minsture, which is beginning to usurp the preference--these coloured coats are worn single breasted, with collars of the same cloth, and almost universally a plaited button--they are also shorted than the evening coats, made without pocket flaps, and rendered as light as possible. Printed stripe quilting waistcoats, single breasted and without binding. Light coloured kerseymere pantaloons and gaiters, or breeches and gaiters; white or Nankin towsers with or without gaiters, and some few striped trowsers.

Evening Dress.--Dark blues with flat gilt buttons, and in general with collars of the same; and forest greens, with collars of the same cloth, or of black velvet, according to the fancy of the wearer. The buttons on green coats are guided by fancy. White waistcoats are universal. Breeches are generally of Nankin, or light drabs and pearl coloured kerseymeres.

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