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Regency Hand-Woven Stole, c. 1820 [shown with a Day Dress, c. 1824-6]
"L'Imperatrice Josephine" (1809) byAntoine -Jean Gros (in shawl dress with shawl)
"Madame Riviere" (1805) by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (with shawl)
"Madame Recamier" (1805) by Baron Francois-Pascal-Simon Gerard (with shawl)
"Countess Daru" (1810) by Jacques-Louis David (with shawl)
"Madame Charlotte Boullenger" (c. 1810-15) by Louis-Léopold Boilly (with shawl)
"Madame Panckoucke" (1811) by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (with shawl)
"Monsieur and Madame Mongez" (1810) by Jacques-Louis David (with Madame in shawl dress with shawl)
"Lucretia Pickering Walker Morse" (1819) by Samuel F. B. Morse (with shawl)
"Lady with a Harp" by Thomas Sully (with shawl)
Morning Dresses. These ladies have gone out on a windy morning for a walk. They have on bonnets and shawls over their morning dresses, and one carries a fur muff. The glimpses of ankle in this plate made it "titillating" to the 1797 audience. Note how boldly the bonnets and dresses contrast in color. It always strikes me as odd how fashion plates often features hats and dresses together than seem to be designed without much color coordination.

Morning Dress, Costumes Parisiens, 1801. This simple morning dress is slit down the front and tied by white tasseled cords that allow provocative glimpses of the lace trimmed underdress. A cashmere shawl of green, pink, and yellow squares is draped over the lady's shoulders.

Costumes Parisiens 1806, plate no. 772. A simple white dress is topped with a cashmere shawl. Long yellow gloves reach above the elbows. The bonnet is very deep and trimmed with pink scallops and pink-edged ribbon. A sash with white work (white embroidery on white cloth) dangles down the lady's back.

Costumes Parisiens 1809, plate no. 968. Small black shoes peep out from under this long-sleeved white dress. The bonnet is small, very close to the head, with pale pink trim. A large orange-and-yellow-striped cashmere shawl covers the simple white gown.

Costumes Parisiens 1809, plate no. 1013. Pink half-boots match the pink of the large cashmere shawl worn by this lady. A black straw bonnet with a moderate-sized brim sits on the lady's head, revealing two dangling cork-screw curls.

Costumes Parisiens 1811, plate no. 1124. A low-cut gown made of a beautiful pink cashmere shawl. Another shawl, white, is carried by the lady. Her headdress is of roses and pearls. The slashing on the long sleeves is part of the fad for Renaissance dress.

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