The Lady's Magazine, or Entertaining Companion for the Fair Sex, Appropriated Solely to Their Use and Amusement, 1790

Volume XXI for the Year 1790

London: G. G. J. and J. Robinson, No. 25, Pater-noster Row.

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September 1790
This issue contains a copper plate of "An entire new Pattern for a Gown" and "A beautiful historical Picture of the Unexpected Recovery." "The Unexpected Recovery. A Tale." is on pages 475- 89.

October 1790

This number contains a plate of "A new Pattern for working a Cloak, Apron, &c."

December 1790

This number contains plates of "A new pattern of Sprigs" and "An historical Picture of the Dramatic Daughter." "The Dramatic Daughter. A Tale." is on pages 635-8.

Consisting of original and scarce Fragments, Scraps, Anedotes, and Remarks.
(from page 632)
A Correspondent has sent us the following, as the reason of evergreens being used on Christmas Day.--Tradition says, that the first Christian church in Britain was built of boughs; and that the disciples adopted that plan as more likely to attract the notice of the people, because the monks built their temple in that manner, probably to imitate the temples of Saturn, which were always under the oak. The great feast of Saturn was held in December; and as the oaks were then without leaves, the monks obliged the people to bring in boughs and sprigs of evergreens; and at Christmas on the 25th of the same month, did the like, from whence originated the present custom.

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