The Lady's Magazine, or Entertaining Companion for the Fair Sex, Appropriated solely to their Use and Amusement, 1802

Volume XXXIII for the Year 1802

London: G. and J. Robinson, No. 25, Pater-noster-Row.

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March 1802


(With an Engraving elegantly coloured.)

[Full Dress, March 1802. This full dress in the Paris style is worn with a turban in the Asiatic style. The robe is trimmed with artificial flowers and foliage. The lady carries a shawl draped over one arm. Text is on page 154-6.]

All the head-dress for full-dress have a strongly marked Asiatic character: they are perfect turbans, and are worn very far back. some of them are decorated with strings of pearls, some shine with silver chess,and a very great number are formed of shawls embroidered with fold and silver. Scarcely any of the aigrettescalled espritsare now worn. Rose is still the favourite colour. The robes are adorned with flowers, lozenges, or very close foliage. The spencers are of white satin.

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