The Lady's Magazine, or Entertaining Companion for the Fair Sex, Appropriated solely to their Use and Amusement, 1802

Volume XXXIII for the Year 1802

London: G. and J. Robinson, No. 25, Pater-noster-Row.

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January 1802


(With an Engraving elegantly coloured.)

[I was unable to obtain this image. Text is on pages 37-8.]

SHORT tunics, open on the side, are adapted to almost all the varieties of robes in full-dress. All the full-dress head-dresses have a strongly marked Asiatic character. They are complete turbans placed far back upon the head. The hair, distinctly separated upon the forehead, and very sleek and smooth, comes along the temples until it loses itself in these head-dresses. Pearl cords pass over some of the them. A great number of them are made of shawls embroidered in silver or gold. The cap, which is but little seen, is black, or scarlet poppy colour. The aigrettescalled espritsare very little worn. The rose is still the reigning colour. It is of this colour that the new capotesare made with a plaited hood, which is easy to distinguish by the long points which come out from a very thick stuff of bows or shells of ribband.

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