The Lady's Magazine, or Entertaining Companion for the Fair Sex, Appropriated solely to their Use and Amusement, 1813

Volume XLIV for the Year 1813

London: G. & S. Robinson, No. 25, Paternoster Row.

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March 1813

Frontispiece of March Issue, "TheVisit to Westminster Abbey."

London Fashions.

[from page 149]

Half Dresses are generally of lavender or stone-colored figured muslin, made as the girl's frock, with broad back, to tie close round the bosom: the waist of a becoming length: the sleeves long and full, to be set on the shoulder as the bishop sleeve, and tie at the wrist. --Cap of thread lace, to tie on one side. --An occassional cloth cloak, made broad on the back and shoulders. --Gloves of lemon-colored kid. --Shoes of black kid.

Evening Dresses. --The white satin frock: the back broad, and to lace behind. --The whole of the shoulders is shown: the waist short, with an embroidery of flowers to go round the breast and feet. --The lemon-colored robe, and white satin bodice, ornamented down the front with white silk embroidery, is much in request.

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