Lady's Monthly Museum, January 1813

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Lady's Monthly Museum (1813)
For JANUARY, 1813.

The Dresses invented by Mrs.Osgood, of Lower Brook Street.
[From page 56]

Morning Dress--A kerseymere gown of pale green, worked down the front with a Grecian scroll pattern, in black, pink, or light blue: this will be found an excellent article for the half dress, or morning call, to which a kerseymere cloak may be added, or light blue, or pink,with which a hat and feather, of the predominant color worn, will be highly attractive in the promenade. Our figure is represented for a domestic, or home dress, with a mob cap, let in with fine lace; shoes, gloves, and ridicule (the latter of which has at length banished the cottage basket),of the same color with which the gown is embroidered.--Jewelry is no longer worn in the morning, except of very plain workmanship.

Evening Dress.--A three quarter pelisse, curved at the bottom, of white or pale sapphire satin, trimmed with broad lace, and laid on the pelisse; white gloves and shoes; hair à la Egyptienne.

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