Lady's Monthly Museum, February 1812

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Lady's Monthly Museum (1812)

Cabinet of Fashion.


Fig. 1.--A plain cambric robe, with high collar, trimmed with lace. A Polish demi pelisse of fine Merino cloth of French grey, richly embroidered up the front, round the bottom, and on the cuffs: pelerine to correspond, finished with silk tassels the same colour. Canonical cap of sable or white fur, trimmed with gold band and tassels. Grey kid Roman boots and buff gloves.

Fig. 2.--A round dress of plain India muslin, made to fit the bosom, and ornamented with needle-work: the cuffs and bottom of the dress to correspond. Pomeranian mantle of crimson silk, lined with white, and finished with a deep Chinese silk fringe. Cap of velvet the same colour, ornamented with gold tassel and ostrich feathers. White or buff gloves. Crimson velvet shoes.

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