Lady's Monthly Museum, March 1811

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Lady's Monthly Museum (1811)

Cabinet of Fashion.


Fig. 1.--A full dress of white satin, sloped up in front with a small train ornamented round the bottom with rose coloured velvet in a scroll pattern, vandyked at the edges, and dotted with black chenille: the bosom, girdle, and sleeves of this dress are ornamented to correspond in the form exhibited in the plate; a turban cap of white satin, looped with pearls, and edged with velvet; the hair curled full over the face; necklace, earrings, and bracelets, of pearls; white kid gloves and shoes; fan of white crape and silver.

Fig. 2.--A pelisse of green merino cloth, buttoned down the front and up the arm with small gold buttons, the collar and cuffs of white or green velvet; an ermine tippet; a bonnet of green cloth, turned up with velvet, and formed to come over the face; the veil passed through the front and brought round the neck; buff boots and gloves.

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