Lady's Monthly Museum, March 1813

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Lady's Monthly Museum (1813)
For MARCH, 1813.

The Dresses invented by Mrs.Osgood, of Lower Brook Street.
[From page 174]

FROM the continued illness, and now hopeless state of the gentleman who used to design our Fashions' Plate, we have not been able to procure this embellishment in a style equal to our former Numbers. We are now reluctantly obliged to employ another artist for the April Museum, and we trust our plate next month will amply compensate for the deficiencies of the present.

Morning Dress.--An azure-blue velvet pelisse, made rather long, and trimmed with ermine: white hat and feather, gloves, shoes, and ridicule.

Evening Dress of white satin, over a boddice of pink satin; white gloves and shoes.

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