Ladies' Monthly Museum, March 1815

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Ladies' Monthly Museum (1815)
[from page 174]


Dress, of White Satin, tastefully trimmed with Sky Blue Velvet, a handsome Plaiting round the Neck, a Balloon Sleeve, looped up with narrow Blue Velvet; Band, fastened in the front with a Pearl Clasp. Pearl Necklace, Earrings, and Bracelets; long White Gloves; Silk Stockings; and White Satin Shoes, ornamented with silver. The Hair in braids in the front; full curls behind, fastened with a comb, worked with pearls. Admired as this publication has ever been for the taste displayed in the Dresses, yet we have no hesitation in saying that this one, for simplicity and elegance, far exceeds all others we have ever witnessed.


A morning Dress, of White Cambric, Pelisse of Black Velvet, lined with Pink Sarsnet, Bonnet en suite, Gloves of Primrose Colour; Black Boots.

Among the discoveries of the present age, that of the Imperial Twine Cloth stands Prominent; it is found to excel the Linen of Flanders, of Ireland, &c. and the Long-cloth of the Indies; the latter by its superior durability, &c &c--the former by its peculiar comfort, its singular conduciveness to health, and its general economy. His Majesty's Royal Letters Patent were granted by the Prince Regent, in June, 1813, to Mr. MILLARD, Proprietor of the that excellent Repository for Foreign and Home Manufactures, The East India Warehouses in Cheapside; where alone it is to be obtained, stamped with the Patentee's own name, &c in entire cases of sixty and thirty pieces each, by families and by merchants, in one or more pieces.

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