Lady's Monthly Museum, June 1811

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Lady's Monthly Museum (1811)

Cabinet of Fashion.

Fig. 1.--A Roman robe of pink crape, worn over white satin; a long Spanish slashed sleeve, with an antique cuff of fine net lace; horizontal stripe front, with a quilting of lace round the bosom; the slashes of the sleeve filled with folds of white satin, and their terminations finished with silver filigree, or mother of pearl buttons; a cestus of white satin, with correspondent clasp and broach. Hair in waved curls, confined round the head with a wreath of Persian roses. Necklace and ear-rings of pearl. White shoes and gloves. Fan of spangled crape.

Fig. 2.--A muslin dress, with long sleeves; an Algerine tunic of white satin, trimmed round with an embroidered border of silver, simply confined in the centre with a Regency broach. A Turkish cloak, or short coat, with arm-holes, composed of Indian muslin, and lined with cerulean blue sarsnet, trimmed with white lace, put on very full; the cloak to be open in front, to shew the front of the tunic. A helmet cap, composed of silver net, with spangles; a cluster of Labrador roses in front. A neck-chain and ear-rings of Indian gold. Gloves and shoes white kid.

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