Lady's Monthly Museum, September 1812

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Lady's Monthly Museum (1812)
The Mirror of Fashion.
For SEPTEMBER, 1812.

The Dresses invented by Mrs.Osgood, of Lower Brook Street.

It is with regret that we are obliged to inform our fair readers that the waist is returning to shortness, approaching to deformity; we are no candidates for the shape

"Small by degrees, and delicately less;"

But we hate extremes of all sorts; alas! it is the property of fashion to administer to folly as well as elegance; the gowns are also made very full behind, and short at the skirts; this latter regulation is favorable to the well-turned ancle [sic]; small tucks at the bottom of the gown have been introduced; tab fringe and the fringed back still keep prevalent; but the basket, a poor substitute for the elegant ridicule, is evidently declining in popularity.

Morning Dress,--of plain white muslin, a spencer of primrose, yellow, or green, satin, with boots to match, and cottage bonnet of straw, lined with the same colour as the spencer and boots.

Evening Dress,--of pink or rose coloured satin, ornamented down the center of the body and arms with diamond- shaped satin let into the dress, and trimmed round the edge with lace, ornaments of dead gold; gloves and shoes of white.

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