La Belle Assemblée, October 1812

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La Belle Assemblée (1812)

October Vol. 6, No. 37 (1812)






[This winter walking dress must have been very cold around the ankles where we see a simple white muslin gown falling underneath the heavier pelisse. The pelisse is plum (note according to the description below the dress was spotted with white dots) with brown fur trim matching the huge fur muff so popular in the teens. The bonnet has several of the ubiquitous white ostrich plumes on it.]

Short pelisse of deep lilac, shot with white; back broader than they were worn last month, and on each hip a Spanish button. It is made with a collar up to the throat, and trimmed round with rich fur; sleeves long and loose, with a fur at bottom to form a cuff, rather shorted in front than behind, and two Spanish buttons are placed just at the bottom of the pelisse in front, which fastens with a loop crossing from one to the other. The bosom is ornamented in the same manner; a belt of embroidered ribband round the waist, and a gold clasp in front. A bonnet of the same materials as the pelisse, crown a helmet shape, front very small, and a wreath of laurel round it; three white feathers are placed at the back of the bonnet, and fall over the front; broad ribband, same as the bonnet, is pinned plain under the chin. The hair is brought very low at the sides, and a single curl on the forehead. Buff gloves, and dark brown kid boots. Large silver bear muff.


Round dress of cambric muslin, cut low in the neck, demi train and long sleeves; waist something shorter than they have been worn -- very low in the neck, and trimmed round the bosom with a scolloped lace, which falls over and is put on broad at the bosom and narrow at the shoulders. hat of Pomona green satin, turned up in front, and low on each side of the face.


[from page 216] The colours for the month are various, but light ruby, purple, dark faun [sic], deep rose colour, and dark blue, are most prevalent; for evening, dark blue trimmed with white, and faun trimmed with blue, are very general.

There has been no alteration in the hair since last month.

In jewellery, coloured stones are still worn, but gold ornaments are very general: we have also noticed clasps for the waist of mother of pearl.

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