Le Beau Monde, and Monthly Register, 1806-1810

Volume 2 (ns), No. 10 January 1810

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Vol. 2 (ns), No. 10

This issue has a full length engraving of Signora Collini, first singer of the King's Theatre, Haymarket. It also features an engraving of an evening dress.


Delineation of, and Remarks on, the present Style of Personal Decoration.
(pages 278)

The birth day dresses were neither remarkable for splendour, elegance or novelty; the same monotonous uniformity, which has for some time prevailed in the regions of fashion, appears to have shed its influence over the atmosphere of St. James; we have therefore, only to select from the most fashionable circles in private life, and we sincerely wish, that some meteor in that horizon would make its appearance to excite the admiration, as well as imitation of the inferior stars, that usually twinkle with a borrowed light, for at present they appear to be most lamentably extinguished.

Morning dresses of cloth or bombazeen made high in the neck, laced in the back, worked with chenille or narrow ribbon. A lace ruff or frill, is worn round the neck: it gives a relief to the monotony of this dress. A cap to set close to the head, of rich French work, with a full narrow lace in front. Cocquilico and orange are the most prevailng colours and most appropriate to the season.

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