Le Beau Monde, and Monthly Register, 1806-1810

Volume 2 (ns), No. 11 February 1810

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Vol. 2 (ns), No. 11

This issue has two plates: morning dress and half dress. The former features a mother and a young girl.

Delineation of, and Remarks on, the present Style of Personal Decoration.
(from page 345)


The head is ornamented with a small bonnet à la paysanne, of the same materials as the dress, which continues to be made high in the neck. The waist is worn moderately long. The carriage and walking costume are pelisses and mantles, trimmed with rich fur of silver grey or sable. The colours have not varied much since last month; but royal purple and green are the most prevailing. Morning caps are generally of rich work and lace, lined with coloured sattin; little or no hair is seen in the morning.


Sattin bodies over demi trains trimmed and embroidered with gold and coloured foils, are the newest article to be seen in the fashionable circle. the Henry the Eighth hat of black velvet, two white feathers placed in front, is extremely elegant. A black silk slipper embroidered in gold, or coloured foils, with a rosette and tassels. White gloves and fan diamonds are universally worn, mounted à la antique.

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