Le Beau Monde, and Monthly Register, 1806-1810

Volume 2 (ns), No. 12 March 1810

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Vol. 2 (ns), No. 12

This issue has two plates: Ball Dress and Evening Dress. The fashion essay is very short, about one half of page 399.


Among the fashionable dresses which are selected by persons who are distinguished in the highest circles for their superior taste, the most prevailing is the Persian Robe, made of pink satin, ornamented with black lace and drops of pearls, with a drapery or dress to wear over it.

Another dress much admired, distinguished by the appellation of the Campbell Frock, composed of white Italian crape, trimmed with silver, with a drapery a La Poysonne. [sic] This is a very beautiful and elegant dress.

Tippets of lace, and Campbell aprons, made of crape and white satin, trimmed with handsome Mecklin or Brussels lace, are very much worn by the Ladies of high fashion.

The most fashionable head dress is the Persian Cap, composed of the same materials as the dress. Gold and silver Net Caps are also very fashionable, as are Tiara and Bandeaus of silver.

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