Le Beau Monde, or Literary and Fashionable Magazine, 1806-1810

Volume 3, No. 21 For May, 1808

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Vol. 3, No. 21
Fashions for May 1808
(from page 291)

Fig. No. 2.--The Patmos cap has a diamond front, made chiefly of lace, satin, and white pearls--sits close to the end behind, and has three long tassels--one falls on each side of the neck, and the other, extremely long, lays on the right shoulder. The dress is composed of white crape, and made with a half train, the back is made high and confined round the shoulders so as to avoid the necessity of a tucker. The bosom is made straight, one side wraps across and meets in the centre with a pearl broach, trimmed round the neck with satin vandykes, set on a rich footing of point lace--the sleeves are made rather full on the top, open a little at the bottom, and fastened back with a pearl ornament--and below that is a trimming of lace and satin, and also at the bottom, to correspond with the upper part of the dress. Primrose coloured gloves and shoes.

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