Le Beau Monde, and Monthly Register, 1806-1810

Volume 1 (ns), No. 2 May, 1809

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Vol. 1 (ns), No. 2

The issue I was able to examine only featured one small section labelled "Modern Costume" on page 187. It is given in full below. The two plates described are shown in greyscale.

For JUNE 1809.


The Lavinia Hat, of white satin, ornamented in front with a white flower; the hair in loose ringlets, divided on the forehead; jaconnot muslin dress, trimmed with rosettes in white cotton; white muslin parasol, ornamented with white fringe; black silk shoes, and York tan gloves.


A turban a la Greque, of pale yellow and silver, the hair in small ringlets round the face; diamond earings, and armlets, either with or without necklace. Sack dress of pale yellow, trimmed with silver, white satin shoes, and white kid gloves.

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