Le Beau Monde, and Monthly Register, 1806-1810

Volume 1 (ns), No. 3 June, 1809

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Vol. 1 (ns), No. 3

This issue contains a huge section of T. Hope's Costume of the Ancients and some of the illustrations from that book (all copyright free today and fairly easy to access). This book is available on the web: Thomas Hope's 1812 Costume of the Ancients. Rather oddly, one of the two reproduced plates is a woman in a skirt split to above the waist and with one breast completely bare (perhaps indicating some catering to the male portion of the audience?) The issue also contained an image of a mother and child labelled "Full Dress. Let me go with you, Mamma." This plate was next to the "Costume for July 1809" essay which had separate sections on each dress depicted in the plate at the end of the piece.


A blush-coloured round dress, trimmed with frosted silver; white satin front; long sleeves; pearl necklace, bracelets, and earrings; the hair in full dress, ornamented with a chêvron the same as the dress, with a pearl or diamond spray in front. White satin shoes; white kid gloves; an ivory worked fan.

A cambric dress, worked round the border and neck with white. Dove-coloured shoes.

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