Le Beau Monde, and Monthly Register, 1806-1810

Volume 1 (ns), No. 4 July, 1809

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Vol. 1 (ns), No. 4

This issue contains a short essay on page 374 called "Modern Costume" with a subsection describing the one fashion plate of the issue, "Dancing Dress."

[from page 374] The lovely birds of fashion have now flown from the smoky atmosphere of the metroplis to wave their plumage in the sea-breezes or the soft sylvian air of their rural retreats; we have therefore less to say concerning the variations of that inconstant goddess, Modern Costume, this month than usual ....

If we can speak of any particular mode of habiliment being more usual than another, we would mention the crape mantle, which is frequently seen distended in luxuriant folds on the Steyne at Brighton, and on the Esplanade at Weymouth. Its form varies according to the inclination of the wearer, and admits of different modes of adjustment ....

DANCING DRESS, formed of a Biscayan coloured or white silk gause, over a white satin slip ornamented from the bosom to the feet with pearl loops and buttons; the neck, sleeves, and bottom of the dress with pearl rosettes to correspond; sleeves very short, with a white satin sleeve to appear below; waist moderately long. Silver ornaments may be worn with this dress. White silk shoes with pearl buttons. French gloves and fan.

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