Le Beau Monde, and Monthly Register, 1806-1810

Volume 1 (ns), No. 5 August 1809

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Vol. 1 (ns), No. 5

This issue has one plate of a woman seated at the beach with the sea in the background, labelled "Morning Dress."


THE hemisphere of fashion, like the vaulted firmament of Heaven, is studded with stars that twinkle, and with stars that blaze, of every size, and in every direction, unfortunately for that splendour which should always distinguish our galaxy, all the planets of the first magnitude have disappeared; and it is, therefore, deprived of that radiance with was want to be borrowed from them and from their satellites. But to express ourselves without a figure, all the leaders of fashion are out of town

Expecting from the briny wave,
Charms which it once to Venus gave
All the places of public, and even private assemblage, cease to interest; and the Records of Fashion present a monotonous detail of what has been, and still continues to be. We shall therefore content ourselves with presenting our Readers a Bulletin du Mode, which has been supplied from the most tasteful burreau in St. James's-street.

The most prevailing Morning Dresses are of white muslin, fancifully ornamented with embroidery; sarsnet bonnets and mantles of green lilac and yellow, trimmed with chenille of frivolité.

The figure represents a female in a morning dress of white cambric or muslin, such as is now worn at the watering places.

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