Le Beau Monde, or Literary and Fashionable Magazine, 1806-1810

Volume 4, No. 25 For August, 1808

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Vol. 4, no. 25
Fashions for August, 1808
(from pages 92-3)

Fig. No. 1.--Evening Dress.--Gown of plain white sarsnet, made in a chemise form, comes high round the neck; is tied behind with a bunch of white ribband, and the back is full, and trimmed with handsome point lace. The bottom of the dress has a most superb stamped border, with two rows of laced footing, let in the middle of the border; long full sleeves, trimmed round the hand with a lace footing to correspond with the bottom. A girdle or cordon of St. Jago, the patron Spanish Saint, of silver cord and tassels, confines the dress round the waist. The Biscayan hat is composed of white satin and silver net, silver tassels and a wreath of silver stars round the front, which rises flat from the forehead, and gives a pleasing expression to the fair wearer's countenance.--Shoes are of white satin, with a silver plaited edging round the foot, and gloves white kid.

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