Le Beau Monde, or Literary and Fashionable Magazine, 1806-1810

Volume 4, No. 24 For July, 1808

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Vol. 4, No. 24

Fashions for July, 1808

Fig. No. 1.--A grass-green coat with covered or metal buttons: white dimity waistcoat; Nankin trowsers and stockings: shoes with strings.

Fig. No. 2.--Half Full Dress.--A plain simple dress of India muslin, with an elegant vandyked trimming of lace round the bottom and sleeves, with a footing inserted above the richest point lace. The dress is made of walking length, moderately long in the waist, with a full frock back, the front square with a metreing [sic] of point inserted round the bosom. The sleeves are longer than formerly, made full, and gathered into a footing of point lace, to correspond with the bottom of the dress. The capuchin cloak is of skyblue sarsnet, edged with a rich footing of point lace, or of the new invented floss silk trimming. The Tyrolese cap is composes of white satin, lace, pearls, and gold net, with variegated tassels of gold and silver bullion, and twist intermixed. Gloves are white, and shoes of light blue to match the cloak. Ear-rings, large gold hoops.

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