Women's Turbans from Fashion Plates

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Turbans, Chiffonets, and Turkish Caps, 1794-1798

The April, 1794 Issue of The Gallery of Fashion features in Fig. 1 , on the left, a "turban made of light-blue satin, fringed with gold." The headdress on the left is "The Turk, or crescent cap, made of Italian gauze, turned round the head-piece in folds, the ends terminating behind, trimmed with a deep silk net fringe, surrounded with a large border of gold foil, forming a diadem, in the front two large white feathers, inclining forwards; and on the top of the crown is placed a large button, set with brilliants, or pearls."

The May, 1794 Issue of The Gallery of Fashion features in Fig. 5 (detail of plate shown above) a "turban made of book-muslin, crossed at the left side in three parts with pearls." Fig. 6, also see above, features a "turban of silver, or glass- gauze, the ends falling to the bottom of the waist; the crown of scarlet velvet." Fig. 8 (see issue) shows a "turban cap, the cawl of white crape, spotted with silver, the end drawn to a point, terminating with a silver tassel."

More turbans from the May, 1794 Issue of The Gallery of Fashion

June, 1794 Issue of The Gallery of Fashion

Above on left is a turban-like headdress described as "A chiffonet  composed of salmon-coloured crape-gauze, with a bandeau  of satin riband of the same colour, tied on the right side near the front in a small knot; upon the bandeau, a string of large beads. One salmon-coloured, and two white ostrich feathers, placed in the centre of the head-dress. Three diamond pins between the bandeau and the feathers." On the right, the headdress is described as a "Chiffonet  of book- muslin, fancifully mixed with the hair and tied behind in a bow, the two ends trimmed with fringe, and falling very low; upon the bandeau, a wreath of small roses. Two white feathers, the tips spotted with purple. The side hair frizzed into small curls, and the hair behind falling down in ringlets.

A chiffonet from the July, 1794 Issue of The Gallery of Fashion

The magazine describes it as "A chiffonet  of Itailian gauze; the bandeau  composed of three rows of white pearls; two rows of the same pearls twisted round the chiffonet. Three plain white feathers, and two edged with lilac placed in the head-dress. Several diamond pins, fancifully disposed in the hair. Bell lappets of gauze, tied in different parts with pearls. The hair very lightly frizzed, thrown into a variety of curls and ringlets, and intermixed with the chiffonet."

The February, 1798 Issue of The Ladies Magazine features a frontispiece showing a lady in a plumed turban.

February 1798, turban in a plate from the French

Journal des Dames et des Modes

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