Dresses of 1799 from The Gallery of Fashion

January, 1799. Figs. 204, 205, and 206 in morning dresses. A lady sits indoors upon her fashionable carpet, reading to her child. A friend reads over her shoulder.
April, 1799. Figs. 215 and 216 in afternoon dresses.
June, 1799. Fig. 223 in afternoon dress.
November, 1799. Figs. 237 and 238 in morning dresses. Two ladies spend the day in the garden, one reading a novel. The blonde lady wears a lace cap with pink ribbons and a thin, transparent white shawl. Her rust gown has a train. The pink reticule matches the lace cap, but both seem to clash with the dress. Further color excitement is added by the canary yellow gloves. The reading lady is less creative with color in her white gown with blue ribbon trim and blue gloves. Her white reticule has gold cord trim and tassels on it. Her black hat has a blue feather on it and has a large black veil falling down from it.

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