Dresses of September 1797 from The Gallery of Fashion

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This is the sixth issue of the fourth volume (Vol IV, no. 6). The volumes run from April to March. In this issue, there are two plates and two pages of description. Plate one features figures 151 and 152 and is labelled "Bathing Place, Morning Dresses." It is shown below in color. Plate two features figure 153. It is labeled "Watering Place, Ball-Dress" and is shown below in greyscale.

Morning Dress. These ladies have gone out on a windy morning for a walk. They too have on bonnets, and one woman wears a shawl over her morning dress. These ladies are at a fashionable seaside resort; note the bathing machines in the bottom left corner of the image. When one reads Frances Burney's Camilla of 1796, this is a useful image to keep in mind for the scenes that occur at seaside resorts. Camilla is actually nearly raped in one of the seaside resort's tents in which bathers changed.

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