An Austen Evening
These two women wear simple cotton printed gowns with ribbon trim. The patterns in the dresses are similar to the small prints found in dresses c. 1795 (see also this page). The style of the dresses is more like that of evening dresses from 1808-10 or slightly later.
This group contains a mix of dresses. The lady on the right is in a winter walking dress with a fur-trimmed spencer. [Compare this outfit to the the fur-trimmed one featured in the 1813 issue of La Belle Assemblée] The lady on the left is in a summer morning or walking gown. [Compare this outfit, especially the bonnet, to the 1797 morning dresses from Heideloff's Gallery of Fashion] The lady in the center is in a gown like those in the above photo, however, with a v-neck rather than a more round or square neck.

At the Tea

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