The Lady's Magazine, or Entertaining Companion for the Fair Sex, Appropriated Solely to Their Use and Amusement, 1793

Volume XXIV for the Year 1793

London: G. G. J. & J. Robinson, No. 25. Pater-noster Row.

January 1793


(Court Dresses from pages 22-25)

[from page 22] The Queen. VERY plainly dressed, as usual, on her birth-day, in a crimson satin, with a gold border.

The Princess Royal. A very rich embroidered petticoat, with purple foi leaves, in small sprigs tied together, with a running pattern of gold spangles, divided with wreaths, of purple foil flowers; the train a rich purple and gold satin.

Princess Augusta. A crape petticoat, richly embroidered with blue foil and white satin in shells, to form stripes across the petticoat; between the stripes a rich embroidery of gold: a loose drapery of crape, embroidered, tied up with plumes of ostrich feathers and gold flowers.

Princess Elizabeth, Mary, and Sophia.The same pattern in green.

Duchess of York. White crape petticoat, richly embroidered in silver foil and stone, the flounce beautifully embroidered in Oak and May, and green silk and silver drapery drawn [from page23] up with silver bullion ropes, with bouquets of new invented wheatsear of green foil and precious stone, and a number of beautiful stone stars of different colours; train of green satin, with gold and silver spangles, bordered with a rich silver fringe, and gold stars; the sleeves beautifully decorated with green foil, gold twist, and spangles, embroidered on white crape and rich deep point lace. Her Royal Highness's dress was very suberb and elegant.

June 1793


(Court dresses from pages 311-4)
The Queen.

[from pages 311] Was most elegantly dressed on the occasion: her majesty's body and train was of white satin, with a light silver embroidery. The petticoat a light crape, ornamented with leaves of gold and silver foil; her majesty's head-dress was a bandeau of diamonds.

December 1793

This above plate was labelled "A Beautiful Portrait of Princess Augusta Sophia." She was a sister of the Prince Regent. See the Portraits of Royalty Page to look at others of the Royal family.

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