The Lady's Magazine, or Entertaining Companion for the Fair Sex, Appropriated solely to their Use and Amusement, 1809

Volume XL for the Year 1809

London: G. Robinson, No. 25, Paternoster Row.

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November 1809


(With an Engraving, elegantly coloured.)

[Text from pages 513-4.]

1. A SHORT petticoat and vest of fine cambric of India muslin, made whole in front, and laced up behind; it is finished with a collar, edged with rich antique lace: the dress is bordered with a colored or worked border. A bonnet of amber velvet or satin, with a small front, and tassels on each side. Roman cloak of purple velvet, and with amber sarcenet: the cloak is ornamented with a gold trimming, and fastened on the right shoulder with a broach or clasp. Purple shoes or half boots.

2. A dress composed of lacenett, spotted or worked in stripes: --a white satin body and petticoat; the front made high and square, and worked in chenille; sleeves of entire lace. Headdress, a lace handkerchief or hood, ornamented in front with two ostrich feathers. Necklace of gold chain, with cornelian clasp: earings to correspond: white shoes and gloves.

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