The Lady's Magazine, or Entertaining Companion for the Fair Sex, Appropriated solely to their Use and Amusement, 1810

Volume XLI for the Year 1810

London: G. Robinson, No. 25, Paternoster Row.

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June 1810


Fashion plate of June 1810 dresses

[Scan and text courtesy of Ko Oosterwijk; text is on page 273.]

1.FULL dress. For the head a tiara of dead gold, set in with jewels, pearls interwoven with the hair; ear-rings of gold. Dress of white leno, trimmed with narrow edging of lace; scarf of pink Italian gauze, tied on the left shoulder with a gold cord, the tassels descending nearly to the feet; shoes of the same color, with small gold roses. Gloves of white kid.

2. Promenade dress. Cap of white satin and lace, with artificial flowers. Dress of white muslin, with ruff collar, and ornamented with fancy border; long cloak of yellow silk, trimmed with broad black lace, lined with light blue sarcenet, and put on according to the taste of the wearer. Shoes to correspond; a parasol of white silk; gloves of York tan.

ACCOUNT of the New COMIC OPERA, in three Acts, called 'OH! THIS LOVE! or, the MASQUERADERS;' performed for the first time at the Theatre at the Lyceum, on Tuesday, June 12.


Count Florimond . Mr. Phillips.
Marinelli . . . . Mr. Horn.
Baron Romanza . . Mr. J. Smith.
Tornado . . . . Mr. Dowton.
Benvolio . . . . Mr. Smith.
Luminati . . . . Mr. Oxberry.
Daub . . . . . . . Mr. Knight.
Montalvi . . . . Mr. Marshall.
Del Dupo . . . . Mr. Fisher.
Hubut . . . . . . Mr. Chatterley.
Diego . . . . . . Mr. Maddocks.

Villagers, Mr. Miller and Mr. Lee

The Countess Belfora . Miss Griglietti.
Lauretta . . . . . Mrs. Orger.
Signora Rotunda . . Mrs. Bland.
Attendant . . . . . Miss Joses.

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