Ladies' Monthly Museum, January 1814

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Ladies' Monthly Museum (1814)
The Dresses invented by Mrs. Green.
[From page 52]

WINTER, although it has not yet showered down its snows, or christalized the ground with its ices, has, nevertheless, compelled our fair to avail themselves of those colours that appear to the eye to assimilate with comfort in warmth. Thus the lilac, the pale blue, and the primrose,have given way to the ruby, the orange boven, and black. It is true our elegantes have not yet relinquished pure white; but it is confined to the morning attire, or half-dress habiliments; still, however, do our females disdain the wrap, or the covered arm; and leave it to hardy man to enshroud himself in broad-cloth and furs;- -content to bear the shew of warmth they have not, they expose the neck and arms to the virulence of the North East currents, which assail them on their departure from the crowded assembly.

We present our Subscribers this month with a Full, and Demi, or Half Dress.

The Full Dress is composed of a Gown of Rose-Coloured, or Ruby Kerseymere, of the finest manufacture, with a quarter sleeve of Lace; the body also is trimmed in boddice with the same material as the sleeves; white gloves, feathers, and shoes.

The Half Dress is of White Muslin, with full cardinal sleeves, drawn with white satin.

Browns are very prevalent for Pelisses, of fine kerseymere; as also Orange Tawney. Drabs and Olives, and trimming of broad satin, of the same colour, have nearly superseded the military braiding.

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