Lady's Monthly Museum, December 1813

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Lady's Monthly Museum (1813)

The Dresses invented by Mrs. Green.
[From page 300]

Morning Dress.--Gown of white muslin, with full stadholder sleeve, fastened by buttons; primrose coloured gloves, hair adorned with yellow roses.

Afternoon, or full dress.--A yellow satin boddice, with filligree front, over a long dress of white crape; ruby shoes. Hair, interwoven with a fillet of silver leaves; white gloves and shoes.

The perfection of the Arts has not displayed itself more in this age of discovery and improvement, than in the curious Manufactory of the Patent Twine Cloth for Shirting and Sheeting, sold by the House of MILLARD. The ingenuity of man appears, in this instance, to have almost exceeded itself. By this admirable invention the Cotton Twine is so completely manufactured, that it needs no auxiliary to give it strength, and is rendered superior to the thread of flax by its mathematical equality. The process is strikingly curious. The factory, built on purpose for the machinery, is of considerable magnitude; and so complete is the invention, that the materials go in at one end of the building and come out at the other, in cloth of the most beautiful description, effected entirely by steam apparatus. The excellence attributed to this Cloth by the Patentee, namely, that of Regulating the Perspiration, and consequently, the Prevention of taking Cold, seems, indeed, to be just; and it appears natural, for having no flax, nor any thing mixed with it of a cold or chilling quality, it must (like flannel, although without its weakening property), be adapted to prevent the ill effects of sudden change from heat to cold, and vice versa.

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