Lady's Monthly Museum, October 1813

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Lady's Monthly Museum (1813)

The Dresses invented by Mrs. Green.
[From page 232]

STILL does the sun of Fashion remain under the horizon of London. The lingering of summer in autumn's lap, or rather the fineness of the season operating on the beau monde, detains our elégantes in the country; and, while the more prudent enjoy sea-breezes, rarified by a meridian sun, the votaries of Fashion still continue to breathe the evening air in hot libraries, or foetid theatres; where the raffle heaves the female bosom with expectation, or the refuse of the sons of Thespis enables them to yawn through a listless evening.

Morning Dress of plain white muslin, fitted to the shape; veil of white net.

Evening Dress.--A white satin gown, made full en saque; over which is a boddice of rose-coloured satin, or velvet; pearl ear-rings; white gloves and shoes.

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