Lady's Monthly Museum, September 1813

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Lady's Monthly Museum (1813)

The Dresses invented by Mrs. Green.
[From page 170]

THE needle and the scissors now become inactive on the board; in vain the Mercer displays his Tyrian dyes, or the Dress-maker arranges all the gracefulness of Drapery; Fashion reclines her head, or leaves our sun-burnt pavement for the more salubrious gales of Brighton. We must therefore curtail our remarks on novelty, until the migratory swarms of Fashion shall once more blaze in metropolitan fancy.

Morning Dress.--A spencer of bright yellow satin, open at the neck, with turbanned hat of the same materials; white feather, tipt with yellow; white gloves, and half boots.

Evening Dress of white muslin, made rather low in the neck, and showing much of the arm; white gloves and shoes. The shawl, of India or English manufacture, is much used by our elégantes; lace veils and scarfs are also predominant.

The hair is dressed much as usual; many of our young fashionables still sport the love-lock on the shoulder; but the hair, if curling without the aid of much art, in generally preferred in a state of nature.

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