Lady's Monthly Museum, August 1813

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Lady's Monthly Museum (1813)

The Dresses invented by Mrs. GREEN.
[From page 112]

VARIETY, flitting from hue to hue, from costume to costume, reigns paramount in the habiliments of the English female; our couturières are not insensible of British valour, well knowing, that, next to military glory, the British fair is the prize for which Britons fight; every trophy, color, or device, that can eulogize the Hero of Salamanca, of Ciudad Rodrigo, and Badajos, is therefore adopted with avidity by the Ladies, in honour of his exploits.

We have this month given two fashions of dress figures, calculated for the fête, the dejeuné, or Vauxhall promenade; the first dress is a Vittoria boddice, of cerulean blue satin, à l'Espagnole, over a white crape dress, and petticoat of white sarsnet; a Spanish ruff of white lace; hair à la Catherina, with a single bird of Paradise figure rising from a bouquet of diamonds. Shawls of Imperial Primrose, of real English manufacture.

The second figure has a plain dress, of white satin, worked round the bottom with pearls, or silver sprig; white shoes and gloves; hair as before.

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