Lady's Monthly Museum, July 1813

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Lady's Monthly Museum (1813)
FOR JULY, 1813.

The Dresses invented by Mrs. GREEN.
[From page 52]

THE parterre, the hall, the saloon, and boudoir, are now decorated with all the favours of Flora; the rose has unfolded its beauties, and exposed its petals to the Sun, while the pink, the geranium, and the mignonette, not only scent the air, but ornament the border and the flower stand. Our females, imitating the luxurious bounty of nature, flaunt in the many hues of prismatic colors; no teint [sic] is too bright for their adoption; and the shuttle is applied to the loom in order to imitate the Tyrian glare of "olden" time.

Morning Dress.--A spencer of peach blossom, satin, trimmed with white, with a radiated band on the bosom of white satin, with falling collar of the same; turban hat, of straw, ornamented with flowers; muslin gown; and gloves of pale primrose.

Evening Dress.--Of real Grecian design; the material is of golden net, worn over a gown of rich white satin; falling form the shoulder in folds; head dress é la Pomona; white gloves and shoes.

We understand, that the distinguishing article Head Dress among our elegantes in the first circles of Fashion is the Brunswick Tour, invented by WARD, of NEW BOND-STREET. The construction of this unique article is inimitably beautiful, as it forms the front hair complete: it requires no additional ornament, is affixed to the head in an easy, simple, yet secure manner, and approximates to nature so closely as not to be distinguished from the growing hair.

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