Lady's Monthly Museum, June 1813

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Lady's Monthly Museum (1813)
FOR JUNE, 1813.

The Dresses invented by Mrs. GREEN.
[From page 376]

THE sombre and funereal tints of mortality have at length subsided, and given place, with Spring skies, to the colours of the crocus, the jonquil, and the myrtle. White is, however, very prevalent, and seems, in our new-invented dresses, to combat with gayer colours. Our first figure, of a

Full, or Evening Dress, is composed of a three- quarter dress of white sarsnet, made full low in the bosom, and fastened down the centre with rosettes of pearls, and edged with silver; silver or pearl tiara, with French black veil; white shoes and gloves. This dress is worn over a white satin petticoat. Shawl of puce purple, or light fawn.

Morning Dress.--A bright green satin spencer, lined with pink, or maiden's blush, with the ends rather low before, terminated with silk tassels; bonnet and feather of the same colour and materials, or a white ostrich feather. This spencer, or jacket au garçon, is worn over a mull muslin white dress, made high in the throat. Green shoes, and pink gloves.

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