Lady's Monthly Museum, May 1813

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Lady's Monthly Museum (1813)

The Dresses invented by Mrs. GREEN.
[From page 294]

THE regretted death of the Duchess of Brunswick has caused a suspension of New Costume; and although the Spring Fashions were ready for sale before this melancholy event, yet their public inspection has of course been, and will be, considerably retarded. This Court Mourning, although limited but to two weeks longer, according to etiquette, will probably continue somewhat longer; we have therefore endeavoured to give a dress which may, for the durability of colour, and newness of attire, be found an acquisition for the next month.

Morning Dress.--A twilled French silk, or lustring,of Brunswick grey, with epaulettes of the same; the dress made with an apron, and ornamented with black silk trimming down the side, and round the apron; terminating the latter with two acorns, or tassels. This article is made high in the neck, over which is a collar and frill of fine lace. Grey boots, and white gloves.

Afternoon Dress, of white figured lace, body, and skirts, over a white satin robe; the sleeves of white satin, plaited full, and fastened down the centre with pearl buttons; tiara, cestus, and armlet, of virgin gold; white gloves and shoes.


The Hair, both in the morning and evening party, is of entire fanciful composition; in some of our elegantes, it is yet seen in the style of the Kneller and Lely beauties; but many chuse it, particularly for the morning walk, in natural curls round the neck, or a stray ringlet over the left shoulder. The ridicule has at length resumed its sway; but the demi botte is evidently declining.

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