Ladies' Monthly Museum, November 1814

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Ladies' Monthly Museum (1814)
[from page 289]

A short dress, of lilack [sic] coloured crape, over white satin, long train of the same, richly embroidered with lace. The hair dressed somewhat à la mode Françoise.

Evening Dress.--An elegant white satin dress, profusely striped, and decorated with lace. The hair is tastefully dressed à l'Angloise, with wreaths of small roses, formed of pearls. White satin slippers.

Heedless of the approach of winter, many of our young belles still expose their persons in cold and almost transparent dresses; but the more prudent, who pay attention to health, have guarded against the uncertain atmosphere of this climate, by the introduction of a short round cloak, of brown or puce coloured velvet, lined and trimmed with cherry-coloured satin; which, for its convenience, and negligent appearance, is likely to become general. With a hat of the same, or a small black hat, with flowers, which is much worn, it is very becoming. The shoes are trimmed with coloured ribands to correspond.

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