Ladies' Monthly Museum, October 1814

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Ladies' Monthly Museum (1814)
[from page 234]

Morning Dress.--The kneeling Figure represents a MORNING DRESS, of fine Muslin, made high and very plain; the Sleeves long, and rather full. The Hair is not much dressed; and confined in front with a Plaiting of White Net. White Satin Shoes.

Evening Dress.--A short Dress, of White Sarsnet; with long Sleeves, and full Frills, fastened at the Wrist with small Buttons; the Body is composed of Lilac coloured Satin, made low on the Breast, with Riband of the same passed over the Shoulders, to form a Cross.--The Bottom of the Dress is trimmed with double rows of Satin Ribands, plaited very full, to correspond with the upper part of the Dress. Boots of the same colour.

For some time, Yellow, or White, Straw Bonnets have been preferred to Bonnets of Silk, or Crape; but at present the latter are more prevalent. The form is still the same; and there is but little variation in the colours; White, Rose, Green, and sometimes full Blue, are worn. Black Bonnets begin to appear; and will, in all likelihood become fashionable.

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