Ladies' Monthly Museum, September 1814

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Ladies' Monthly Museum (1814)
The Dresses invented by Mesd. Powley and Harmsworth, New Bond-street.
[from page 179]

Morning Dress.--A White Crape Dress, made with full Bishop's Sleeves; the Sleeves drawn with Pink Ribbands, Pink Satin Body, cut low on the bosom, and confined in the center with a broach. Hair fashionably dressed, with Bands on the forehead, and ornamented with a half Wreath of Roses; Gold Hoop Ear-rings; White Satin embroidered Shoes; White Kid Gloves.

Afternoon Dress..--A White Satin Dress, with Spanish Sleeves; the Slashes of the Sleeves trimmed with rows of Beads; the back of the Dress reeded; the Waist short; Hair dressed in the Parisian style, and ornamented with a Diamond Crescent; Ear-rings and Bracelets of Diamonds; White Kid Gloves and Shoes.

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