Ladies' Monthly Museum, August 1814

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Ladies' Monthly Museum (1814)
The Dresses invented by Mesd. Powley and Harmsworth, New Bond-street.
[from page 119]

Morning Dress.--A white crape dress; the body composed of alternate stripes of peach-coloured satin and lace; the bottom of the dress vandyked, and trimmed to correspond with the body. White veil of French lace; satin boots; and white kid gloves.

Afternoon Dress.--A white satin dress,made with a demi- train, and trimmed with frills of fine lace round the bottom of the dress; the bosom cut low; the sleeves long, and made to fall full on the shoulder. The hair dressed à la François. White satin shoes; and white kid gloves.


It having been ascertained that many instances have occurred, not only in town, but in the country, that other Articles have been attempted to be sold instead of it; against this attempt we are requested particularly to guard the Public. This valuable Article for regulating the perspiration, and consequently preventing, in numberless instances, the effect of cold chill after much fatigue from great exercise, riding, dancing, &c. &c. so desirable no only on this account, but from its economy, can be obtained, stamped, genuine only, of the Patentee, at the East India Warehouses, No. 16, Cheapside, London' the Patentee having not appointed any Agent whatever, nor having occasion so to do, the Establishment being an Entrepot on the grandest scale, in this, or any other Country, of the Manufactures of the Empire, and of regular foreign Goods. And Orders from the most distant part of the Empire, with remittances through the Post Office, or by Coach, are instantly executed in the most satisfactory manner.

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