Lady's Monthly Museum, December 1811

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Lady's Monthly Museum (1811)

Cabinet of Fashion.


Fig. 1.--A walking dress of fine cambric with small tucks round the bottom; an hussar coat, of green Merino cloth, ornamented on each side with dark silk frogs, lined and trimmed with skin; a military helmet cap, composed of the same materials, and decorated on the left side with an ostrich feather; half boots of green velvet; ridicule to correspond with the coat, with spring snap of fold; gloves of Limerick, or pale lemon coloured kid.

Fig. 2.--A plain India muslin morning robe, with a Grecian border of needle-work at the feet; a French wrapping coat of pink sarsnet, trimmed entirely round with swansdown; hair in dishevelled curls, and twisted bands; bee-hive hat, same colour as the coat, with two ostrich feathers; boots and gloves of lemon coloured kid.

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